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December 7th

KDE 3.5 in (K)Ubuntu

Yep, KDE 3.5 was released for just some days ago and packages for Ubuntu was available fast after the release. Unforntunately the packages for PowerPC has not been released offical yet. I have used...

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October 2nd

Ubuntu Breezy Colony 5 on Pegasos

Yesterday I felt like trying out a relese candidate of the upcoming Breezy Badger release of Ubuntu linux on my Pegasos. And I must say, it works like a charm... almost. A really good thing is...

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September 25th

Power hosting for Power users

Today we moved to a new server, hopefully a faster server. The previous machine was a Pegasos I G3 600 MHz with 256 MB of RAM. The new one is a Pegasos II G4 1GHz with 1024 MB of RAM...

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August 27th

Last day at work, life back to normal

Today, or actually yesterday since the time is now 00:27 as I write this... I guess it is time to sleep soon. Anyway, today/yesterday was my last day at work so now the life goes back to normal,...
August 18th

A bit of everything

First of all I want to warn all you bloggers, Warning! . I know it's in swedish but in general in warns people for writing bad things about work in the blog, should I be scared... ? Also, I...
August 9th

Yet another PUSH

It is true, PUSH is over for this time and the life goes on as normal. I just had my three free weeks off for this summer and are now back at "cykelverkstan". It also seems like the summer is over...
August 2nd

Dual connection to Internet with help of iproute

Usually when you configure your linux box to connect to a network you enter one single default gateway. That means that all all packages sent from your box to an unknown network is sent to this...

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July 14th

Blog about blog on this planet

As you might, or might not have seen there is now a Planet online. So all of you who not already are subscribed to it, it's time to do that now. Hopefully it should now work...
July 11th

Introducing my blog

So, finally got myself a blog, wee :) There have recently been a lot of talk about blogs on @ freenode, and since "all" had one of cource I had to get one to. We have also talked...