Ubuntu Breezy Colony 5 on Pegasos

October 2, 2005

Yesterday I felt like trying out a relese candidate of the upcoming Breezy Badger release of Ubuntu linux on my Pegasos. And I must say, it works like a charm... almost.

A really good thing is that the cd now includes a chrp bootable kernel, which Hoary didn't. So one can simply download the cd and boot it without any modifications.

The cd can be found at:

To boot the cd in Smart Firmware:
> boot cd install/powerpc/vmlinuz-chrp.initrd root=/dev/ram

Yes, you still need to add root=/dev/ram...

The installer will start and you just have to walk through it as on any other computer. But ! Don't restart the computer because you will not be able to boot the system... :) In the last screen of the installer, just before rebooting, one addition step is required. I don't know why the chrp kernel isn't created automatically, but it seems like mkvmlinuz can't detect the system architecture automatically.

Press alt+f2 and enter to activate a new console.
> chroot /target
> mkvmlinuz -a chrp

Go back to the installer with alt+f1 and finish.

You can boot your system with somethink like
> boot hd:x boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12-9-powerpc root=/dev/hda(x+1)

Where x is the number of your partition in Smart Firmware, so x+1 is one larger than the number in Smart Firmware.

Almost works out of the box... :)


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  1. TCD says:
    October 18, 2005 @ 12:21 — Reply

    Nice guide, very usefull. Thanx Emmanuel!

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