Last day at work, life back to normal

August 26, 2005

Today, or actually yesterday since the time is now 00:27 as I write this... I guess it is time to sleep soon. Anyway, today/yesterday was my last day at work so now the life goes back to normal, back to the school again. Has been totally eight weeks of work this summer, quite a lot but it wasn't boring so that has not been any problem at all. We will see what will happen next summer, might be good to have someone with some experience... :)

Well, can't sit here and write all night.

Can just note that I have fixed a few small bugs with the wiki on Now the so called "Quick Search" works. Before it only worked if there was more than one search result. It tries to redirect automatically to the page if only one result is found and that was kind of broken. Still a few things left to fix tho...

Over and out !


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