Downtime and stuff

April 12, 2006

Yeah, we have had some problems with the connection to Internet recently... I can just blame Telia. In the past, the connection has worked really good and stable but now...? Luckily we have two Internet connections here so we could put all the load in the other working line.

First they had about 2 days downtime due to lack of ip addresses, so they had to get some new. And after that we got an unreachable router. The new ip was, which is a new ip range for Telia, with the netmask but with and router at, how should I reach that? ;) I guess it was a typing error from the guy how set up the network since manually adding as a router worked.

Well now it's working fine again after about 1 week and some phone calls :) Will hopefully do so in the future too.


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